Late 20s Glow Up: 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Here’s the lowdown.

By the time we reach 25, our skin has already begun to lost some of its elasticity. Sun exposure and time are not on our sides, so preventative (and possibly some restorative) care in your late twenties can help you stay ahead of aging poorly down the road.

After several days of scouring the internet, researching and analyzing the advice of dermatologists as well as the opinions of bloggers everywhere, I made the plunge and purchased the products that seemed to remedy the problems my own skin faced.

So I experimented with a revamped skincare routine using completely new products.

I wanted to address (3) problem areas for my skin:
· Blemishes and uneven tone (as a result of previous acne)
· Dryness (especially right at my hairline)
· Fine lines

Here is the basic skincare regimen I followed every morning:

(1) Cleanse
(2) Tone
(3) Moisturize

And below is the nightly routine, step-by-step, recommended for consistently healthy and radiant skin after age 25:

(1) Remove makeup / products
(2) Cleanse
(3) Exfoliate
(4) Tone
(5) Apply serum
(6) Apply eye cream
(7) Moisturize


After looking over numerous consumer reviews and the prices relative to their claims, I selected the following products, most of which are from South Korean skincare line Neogen Dermalogy which was a considerable risk. All were completely foreign concoctions to me and to my skin:


Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser by Neogen Dermalogy ($19 from Sephora)
This gentle cleanser includes fermented green tea extract, known to be packed with antioxidants improving circulation but also for its anti-inflammatory properties thus reducing irritation.

This was my go-to cleanser, twice a day! I love the smell and tingly feeling!


Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling – Lemon by Neogen Dermalogy ($27 from Sephora)
Packed with lemon extract and lactic acid, these disposable exfoliating pads promise to brighten and smooth dull and uneven skin.

For the purpose of the experiment and even still, I would only use these every other day.

Real Flower Cleansing Water – Calendula by Neogen Dermalogy ($22 from Sephora)
To brighten stubborn dark spots left behind by pimples, I chose this toner by Neogen Dermalogy.

dreamduo-glamglowDreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment by GLAMGLOW ($59 from Sephora)
Serum is an important addition to your skincare routine; plan to spend the most money on this product. Luckily, a little usually goes a long way.


Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics
($48 from Sephora)
Applying a heavily concentrated eye cream is another important step in your skincare regimen in your late twenties, and this claims to. This is the second-most expensive step, but like the serum a little goes a long way.

The only (2) two products from my original skincare routine are makeup removal wipes (Neutrogena or sometimes the generic alternative, usually around $6 from any drug store) and my favorite oil-based moisturizer and sealant, Bio Oil (available for $10 at Walmart).

The immediate results were promising.

  • My skin began to respond wonderfully after just 2 days of using the foam cleanser. The skin on the areas of my cheeks near the bridge of my nose is especially acne prone, and it was visibly much clearer.
  • Most surprisingly, the bio-peel gauze peeling pads are fairly gentle, completely removes dry, dead and flaky skin leaving it to feel completely smooth.
  • Since I suffer from hereditary under-eye bags, the under eye cream seemed to have minimal effect. It did, however, smooth the fine lines around my eyes.

And, for the most part, the results have lasted.

It has been well over two months since I began this routine with these products, and overall, my entire face is much brighter.

I have fewer breakouts and no cystic pimples at all. My skin looks flawless with or without makeup, and now I have much more confidence going without it.

Though a multi-step process and appropriate combination of products is no doubt the secret here, I do specifically credit the combination of the green tea-based cleanser and the moisture packed in the DreamDuo Overnight serum sealed with the Bio Oil. My only assumption is that it works by the same principle as locking moisture in our hair; you clean it, moisturize it and seal it with oil.

The only drawback to a skincare regimen of this nature is that for truly consistent results, there is little to no room for deviation. For example, if I spent the weekend at my boyfriend’s house without my entire arsenal of products, my skin was noticeably irritated by the end of just a few days, even without layering on the makeup.

I really like the products I chose and, if they are not sold out, will likely stick with Neogen Dermalogy for a while. However, my advice to anyone hesitant to commit to new things or to anyone with sensitive skin is to try several things before committing. We are all different, so ultimately it is up to you!

Best of luck! And here’s to remaining forever young, inside and out!

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