Why Are You An Airbnb Host?

“It just wouldn’t feel like home anymore.”
“The thought of sharing my bed with strangers is creepy.”
“That’s just weird.”


People are often curious about what would make me – or allow me – to welcome strangers into my home.

From my perspective I wonder, well why the hell not?

I grew up comfortably, never needing or really wanting for anything. While I am incredibly thankful to my parents for the lifestyle they worked hard to afford us, I can also say that on some level it probably left me devoid of the ability to deeply appreciate material things. My mother and step-father operated on the notion that if something breaks, you fix it or you get another one. And now as an adult, I find that perhaps in addition to my carelessness, I am never personally attached to anything material – not my cracked iPhone, not the scratched paint on the car I am financing, not the structure surrounding the walls of my condo, not the bed, nor the couch nor the chairs.

best things arent things 2

I also find that sharing these things with other people does not negatively affect my comfort and well-being.  Sharing my home and the best things about my city actually enhances my life by offering opportunities for enriching interaction with people from all over the world and by affording me the opportunity to do other things which are important to me, like traveling.

seeing the world

I do understand that for a lot of people, purchasing a home is a major step toward planting firm roots in one place.  However, while it represented a major step in building my own wealth independent of my family, my condo is not my forever home. I see it as an investment, the first piece of property I found and bought with my own money, somewhere I can rest my head between collecting payouts and adventures somewhere else – a flexible, temporary home.

Home-sharing is definitely not for everyone; there is a lot of responsibility and work involved. Sometimes guests are ungrateful or unreasonable, and sometimes problems arise or things go wrong. I would, however, encourage anyone without geographic restraints and material concerns to consider the potential value-add to one’s life.

Do you manage short-term rentals? Share your experiences below!

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