Rediscovery and the Six of Cups

By Kiara Harvey

At first glance, the 6 of Cups conjures warm feelings. It’s a very positive card. The imagery is comforting; the setting seems pleasurable. It would be easy for the novice tarot reader to interpret as the heralding of positive news. But the meaning of the card is really about something else. It’s about looking to the past and to what once gave you pleasure. That’s the direction you need to follow.

I pulled the 6 of Cups in tarot spread after spread in readings on the subject of a new job. But you know how Neptune (see: deception, delusion, fantasy) squares off against the Sun (see: ego, self-expression, vitality) in my natal chart? Right. Well, naturally I allowed myself to get lost in a false sense of “I got this.” But can you blame me?

I have become rather comfortable with the process of interviewing. I’ve had phone interviews that progressed into more interviews. I’ve had phone interviews when the process ended for me there. And I’ve had phone interviews where next steps were scheduled, but I canceled them. As a salesperson, I can empathize with recruiters, and I want to help them move on to the next best candidate as soon as possible.

So, when I made it to the final round of interviews at a local software startup founded by the same leadership team who also started my former company, I felt confident. Not unshakably so, but I felt that I had established rapport with the recruiter who, to that point, kept in regular contact with me. I also felt that, in addition to my experience, I had demonstrated capacity to succeed in the role; I gave a demo that was, according to my interviewer, “the best” he had seen.  I also fielded some provocative questions about why I was looking to leave my current position.
Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Turns out, I didn’t get that job. I never even heard back from the recruiter after a strangely kind email from the hiring manager, herself, in response to my post-interview thank you. When week two passed without so much as a word from the prospective employer, I reconsidered my feelings toward the 6 of Cups. How could this card (which popped up several times even after saging my cards and switching decks) look so deceptively fortuitous? Where was my happiness under the sun with a new job that would allow me to travel and do all sorts of fun things?

Defiantly, I decided I would throw myself into my blog and focus on writing — whether it paid or not. Who needs a big fancy paycheck and title from a growing software company with possible IPO benefits in the future? Pfft. Deep down, I also knew I wanted that job for all the wrong reasons.

The 6 of Cups has meant a return to what once gave me pleasure, what once made me feel, not only good but whole — at least, as whole as one can feel here on earth, in the physical world. It meant getting back to my roots and what I have always wanted to do from the start, which was to write. I am writing more, and I find inspiration in the most mundane things. That’s probably because of some years of humbling, a shift in perspective including how I view people both individually and collectively and, also, heightened self-awareness… All of these things have helped me become a better writer. And it’s because of that damned 6 of Cups I’m reminded of this very… serendipitous loop of events.

So, the next time you pull the 6 of Cups, ask yourself if a particular aspect of your life is worth a double-take. You may have known what you wanted or what was best for you all along. Your subconscious is just here to remind you!

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