About The 12th House

Welcome to The 12th House!

In traditional astrology, the 12th House is domain over that which is hidden or unknown to the conscious self.   In the birth chart, it represents a blind spot or an area in life in which we just can’t seem to find our way or that we do not fully understand.  It can represent a concept we never fully understand and conjures great spiritual and emotional depth from its natives, and the source of its secrets can span generations and lifetimes.  It can also feel heavy or karmic and can even lead to bouts of isolation and loneliness.  Circumstances involving imprisonment, mystery or separation are not uncommon.

Rest assured, the 12th House represents a spiritual priority.  It will require dedicated effort or suck the energy from you; it’s all the same.  But it is in the throes of our own personal Hell that we actually find clarity and purpose.  Eventually, we come to empathize with the full range of human experience.  This is how we heal our 12th House, and in healing, we will find that we are then called upon to give.

unlocking the twelfth

The 12th House seeks to illuminate that which is elusive, foreign or unknown in an effort to help individuals lead more fulfilling existences on earth.  But remember — only through introspection and servitude can any of us begin to unlock the 12th!