Astrology Services

Birth Chart Interpretation
Describes the complexities of one’s gifts and limitations in this incarnation, plus expected challenges and purpose.  Includes all planets and several prominent asteroids.  Recommended for individuals seeking to better understand themselves.

Composite Chart Interpretation
Describes the overall direction and purpose of the relationship in this lifetime.  Recommended for established and committed friendships or relationships.

Transits Report: Sun-Mars
Describes influences lasting less than 30 days.  Recommended for managing short-term interpersonal frustrations and stress.

Transits Report: Jupiter-Pluto
Describes influences lasting between 2 and 20 years.  Recommended for predicting the likelihood of major life changes and for event planning (divorce, pilgrimages, weddings, etc.).

Transits: Custom
Describes all astrological placements and influences on a specific date.

Gemstone & Floral Essence Healing
Describes natural remedies for striking and maintaining emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Synastry Interpretation
Describes the nature of attraction/repulsion and karma (if any) between two individuals, as well as the relational mechanics of the relationship.  Recommended for newly formed couples or pairs of friends.

Vocational Guidance
Describes viable career paths which may suit the talents bestowed upon birth.